Customized Groundwork Halter Kit


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Customize your Connected Riding® bundle and receive a discount!!
Choose your Connected Groundwork Halter and 2 to 4 additional items you want to include in your bundle.

Peggy Cummings designed this halter to make Connected Groundwork easier, more effective, and more comfortable for both horse and handler.

  • adjustable to be snug, not tight; should not slip, or slide across the horse’s face
  • the handler can use light, precise movements readily felt by the horse
  • no chin hook underneath to promote leading in a different way, by weaving the line up through the halter as described in Connected Groundwork Lines.

The goal of Connected Groundwork is to communicate a clear, quiet differentiation of movement to the horse. In order to bring this awareness and re-educate the horse’s body movement, horses should be supported and led by directing movement from side to side, not the more common up-and-down movement.

In groundwork, if the halter is loose and slips about the horse’s head, clear and direct contact with the horse is lost, which can result in bracing and resistance. Anything we can do as handlers to prevent bracing and resistance patterns in the horse is beneficial. This halter allows a light hand to transmit a message without pushing, pulling, or grabbing. Not to be used for turnout, tying or trailering. For more details please see the Connected Groundwork book.

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