Peggy’s Groundwork Lines


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Two 21′ 3/8″ nylon lines, essential for Connected Groundwork or lungeing. What is unique about these lines is they are easy to grip and slide readily through the surcingle when doing two-line work. They are small enough in diameter that they fit well in the hand and they are light to handle. Peggy finds that using them in the 21′ length is optimal for most connected groundwork functions.

What Peggy thinks about these:

“Having the right feel on lines that Peggy attaches to a halter or surcingle without the bulk of a long lunge line has been very important to the work she does with horses. She’s been working with this type of line for 15 years and has not found any other lines that work as well for Connected Groundwork. The nylon offers a little stretch to the line and the woven pattern prevents the lines from being overly slick.”

Single lines also available: The new single 1/2” line is helpful when working with large, heavy, or young horses because it allows for a firmer feel on the line. It is a matter of personal preference whether one chooses the 3/8′ or 1/2” lines for working with a particular horse.

The 1/2’ line as another tool in your tool kit!

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Weight 1 lbs

Pair of 3/4" Lines, Red/Blue, Single 1/2" Line, Maroon

Connected Riding
Peggy’s Groundwork Lines