School of Connected Riding

The School of Connected Riding is a school without walls. It exists wherever a Connected Riding Instructor is teaching – the School comes to you.

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We have many classroom sites worldwide! The purpose of the School of Connected Riding is to carry Connected Riding forward for generations to come.

SCR is a teacher training institute based upon modalities that promote health, longevity, and well-being of both horse and rider through the principles of Connected Riding®. Our approach is unique in how we teach horses and riders to synchronize in Connection without force. 

School of Connected Riding logo

The training is based upon teaching “feel” through self-awareness, inquiry, and empowerment.

Our school is not only a spark of inspiration, but a resource that feeds the soul of our teachers. Our curriculum is designed and taught by Peggy Cummings and her team of Connected Riding instructors. Each of these instructors also develops coursework that conveys the principles and methods of Connection.

Our Vision

Riding instructors worldwide teaching riders and horses how to work together in sync, in Connection, with humane and supportive treatment of both. Riders around the world are integrating Connected Riding into different disciplines and levels of riding and horse work.

Connected Riding

Our Belief

We highly value treating all animals and people with respect and integrity. We hold ourselves to a high standard of ethics, encouraging a healthy and safe learning environment for horses and riders, and a supportive collegial community within the horse industry.

Connected Riding

Our Mission

Develop and improve riding instruction through sharing the principles of Connected Riding®, in order to engender humane treatment of horses.

Connected Riding
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