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Connected Riding: An Introduction UK

Connected Riding: An Introduction can be your first step to dancing with your horse. Based on biomechanics of movement,...  see details
Price: $17.00

Connect with Your horse from the Saddle UK

Are you ready to reach a new riding level? Peggy Cummings' book sums up all the basic concepts and...  see details
Price: $28.00

Connect with Your Horse from the Ground Up UK

Now, in this long-awaited book, Peggy Cummings describes the essentials of her specialized groundwork–the first half of her acclaimed...  see details
Price: $33.00

Peggy's Connected Groundwork Halter UK

Peggy Cummings designed this halter to make Connected Groundwork easier, more effective, and more comfortable for both horse and...  see details
Price: $67.00

Cavesson Halter UK

This is a perfect cavesson for horses and handlers who are ready to add this tool after initial work...  see details
Price: $125.00

Peggy's Groundwork Lines UK

Two 21' 3/8" nylon lines, essential for Connected Groundwork or lungeing; What is unique about these lines is they...  see details
Price: $25.00