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...I can really tell that you put an extraordinary amount of time and thought in w

Peggy, I attended your clinic over Memorial Day weekend in Virginia. I wanted to thank you for all the wonderful information. I practice neutral posture and breathing everyday (throughout the day, ie at work, etc), it has really helped with sciatic pain and has been crucial in recovery from a recent fall + kick-in-the-back on a new green horse (greener than I realized, LOL!). I am slowly, but persistantly making my way through the connected groundwork exercises in your book and wanted to leave some feedback. First, I think the book is exeptionallly well-written, very logical step-by-step, well laid out and organized, plus the pictures of each exercise really help (I am a visual learner). I can really tell that you put an extraordinary amount of time and thought in writing this guide and it shows! I am amazed at the adrenalize release/relaxation that comes after such seemingly simple exercies -- my new green (and tense, braced neck arabian) yawned 12 times after just 'catepillar' and shoulder delineation! Thank you-- and I hope to attend one of your clinics again or connect with my local instructors this fall.

July 2015

- Sherry Blenden

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